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Dimensions Game Software
Minimum System Requirements
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All Javascript programs compatible with Javascript 1.5 (or earlier for some programs).

Javascript programs are used to enhance your website.  They can be as simple as images that change when touched by the mouse to as complex as fully functional games.  Any modern browser should be able to run them.  They will not run on text-only browsers or old versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape.  Javascript programs are immediately accessible...your visitors do not have to wait for downloads.  An interactive demo of your game will make visitors want to return to your site...and maybe bring a friend with them!

All executable programs written in C#.NET. 

PC with 450 MHz Pentium II processor. 
600 MHz (or faster) recommended.
Microsoft Windows 98 or newer.  Windows 2000 or XP recommended.
Minimum 96 MB RAM.
256 MB (or more) recommended.
CD-ROM for programs sent by mail.
Hard Disk space for programs sent by email.
Minimum 800 x 600 display with 256 colors.
1024x768, 16-bit High Color display (or better) recommended. 
Microsoft's .NET framework (available as a free download from or shipped free with any program burnt to CD and sent through regular mail.

This website and my programs are optimized to be run at a display resolution of 1024x768.