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Medieval Society Generators Preview

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RPG Toolbox Vol 2
Medieval Society Generators

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Below are 7 screenshots of the yummy goodness included in the upcoming set of Medieval Society Generators.  This first screen is the 'Start' screen showing links to each of the 8 subsections available.


Below is a shot of the instructions explaining how simple it is to fill out a Manor Worksheet.  Use a completely randomized set or customize it.


Below is a small section of a randomized worksheet.


Create simple Manorial Complex Maps that are either random or customized.  The screen below was generated randomly.


Below is a snap shot of the Economic Calculator.  It is accompanied by a table with hundreds of sample items.


Below is an example of how you can create custom or random city charters.


Below is an example of 1 of the 26 included Reference Tables that have been outfitted with a random number generator.