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Dimensions Game Software

Map Pack Preview

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RPG Toolbox Vol 1
Map Pack

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Simple Maps Created with the Map Pack


  • Includes the Town Map Maker, an online favorite
  • Features the Caverns Generator, a Map Pack Exclusive
  • Catacomb Creator
  • Forest Path Generator
  • Island Generator
  • Star Map Maker
  • Constellation Map Maker

Easy point and click interface.

Options for  Large or Small Icons.

Place random seeds to get your map started.

Adjust the Density Variable when using the random placement function.

Minimum System Requirement

A PC running a standards based browser capable of running Javascript 1.5 and displaying images is all that is required.  Any modern browser should be able to run them.  They will not run on text-only browsers or old versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape.  If you are unsure, please check your documentation.

Recommended System

PC with 450 MHz Pentium II processor.  600 MHz (or faster) recommended.  Microsoft Windows 98 or newer.  Windows 2000 or XP recommended.  Minimum 96 MB RAM.  256 MB (or more) recommended.  CD-ROM for programs sent by mail.  Hard Disk space for programs sent by email.  Minimum 800 x 600 display with 256 colors.  1024x768, 16-bit High Color display (or better) recommended.