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Dimensions Game Software
Dungeon Dudes Preview
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Dungeon Dudes
"Not Just Another Virtual Pet"

The initial release contains 20 dudes.  Here is a preview of 15 of them.  More will be added periodically. 
If you're a business that would like to host a custom set of Dungeon Dudes using your own characters and/or rules, please contact


Here is a preview of the working model for how you will go about interacting with your Dungeon Dudes.  A set of basic commands will be available.  Your dude will be able to accumulate gold, experience points, items, and skills.
The list of items, monsters, and skills will periodically change to add variety.


You will be able to "save" your Dungeon Dude using a code system.  Once the code is displayed simply cut-paste it into a word processor and save it for future reference. 
A thread on the Dimensions Game Software forums at will be set up where you can post your codes if you want to share your data with others.


You will be able to display a "Printer Friendly" version of your dude's data.  Print your dude and battle offline using the new combat system.
If you're a company that would like to host a set of Dungeon Dudes using your rules system please contact