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Interactive Fudge Tools Free Online

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The free online Fudge tools are listed below the 'For Sale' products.  Also, many of the tools in the RPG Toolbox are universal as are the Starting Points Series of RPG tools; thus, they may be of interest to fans of the Fudge RPG.

Fudge RPG: Interactive Version


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iFudge RPG: Random Bestiary Generators


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250 FREE Beasts


iFudge RPG: Accessory Pack


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Free Online Fudge Tools

Coming Soon

  • The Sum of All...Fudge Dice
  • A Customizable Fudge Character Creator


  • Many Other Fudge Generators

About Interactive Fudge

Interactive Fudge is a GM's tool. It is an experiment as much as it is a stand-alone product. Each of the chapters of Interactive Fudge present the user with all of the wonderful information included in the original Fudge system by Steffan O'Sullivan. However, with the addition of some software enhancements, now you will be able to pick and choose which sections you wish to print and make available for your players to use.

Chapters One: Character Creation and Chapter Two: Supernormal Powers ask you to answer questions about what kind of game you want to play then, based on your answers, display the types of rules that would be of interest to you.

Chapter Three: Action Resolution allows you to freely edit the bulk of the text itself and print only what you want.

Chapter Four: Combat allows you to actually edit the html code, providing you with not only ultimate control over the contents, but also over how the contents are visually arranged.

Chapter Five: Character Development simply asks you to choose which methods of character development you wish to include in your game.

The final two chapters (Tips and Examples; and Addenda: Samples and Options) are collections of tips and alternate rules, therefore, those sections in of themselves do not require any software manipulation. They are meant to be used by the GM as needed.

About Fudge
Fudge is a role-playing game written by Steffan O'Sullivan, with extensive input from the Usenet community of The basic rules of Fudge are available on the internet at and in book form from Grey Ghost Games, P.O. Box 838, Randolph, MA 02368. They may be used with any gaming genre. While an individual work derived from Fudge may specify certain attributes and skills, many more are possible with Fudge. Every Game Master using Fudge is encouraged to add or ignore any character traits. Anyone who wishes to distribute such material for free may do so - merely include this ABOUT FUDGE notice and disclaimer (complete with Fudge copyright notice). If you wish to charge a fee for such material, other than as an article in a magazine or other periodical, you must first obtain a royalty-free license from the author of Fudge, Steffan O'Sullivan, P.O. Box 465, Plymouth, NH 03264.

The following materials based on Fudge, entitled "Interactive Fudge", are created by, made available by, and Copyright (C) 2003 by Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM Dimensions Game Software, and are not necessarily endorsed in any way by Steffan O'Sullivan or any publisher of other Fudge materials. Neither Steffan O'Sullivan nor any publisher of other Fudge materials is in any way responsible for the content of these materials unless specifically credited. Original Fudge materials Copyright (C)1992-1995 by Steffan O'Sullivan, All Rights Reserved.