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Dimensions Game Software
"Five Stones" Screen Shots
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Five Stones Instructions

Introduction: Five Stones is a completely original game. The game concept, code, and instructions are all copyrighted 2002-2003, Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM, founder of Dimensions Game Software. The game was designed to be a 'classic-style' game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. You can easily play this at home on any game board that has a 6 x 6 grid. Borrow 'stones' from other games or buy some glass counters at the local craft store or department store with a craft center.  If you enjoy this game or wish to make it available to other people, please let me know...positive feedback is always appreciated! Email me at

If you're a business looking for a 'freebie' to distribute to your customers, for a one-time fee, as with all my games, this one can be outfitted with an Add-Timer and used to promote your own goods and services.

Number Of Players: 2

Object: To be the first player to get five stones in a row---vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Game Play: Red always goes first. On your turn you can either place two stones of your own color or remove one of your opponent's stones and replace it with your own. In the computer version, stones are placed or removed by left-clicking the game board with the mouse. Play automatically passes from one player to the next as appropriate moves are taken. The computer will not allow you to make an illegal move.

You may place your stones ANYWHERE on the board...they do NOT have to be touching the other stones that have already been placed.  The first stone that you place in a turn can be removed by left-clicking it. You cannot remove the second stone that you place as game play will automatically be passed to the next player.

Repeating the same move over and over is generally NOT considered fun. In order to stop this from happening, you cannot make the same move two turns in a row. If you do, the game is a stale-mate...and YOU LOSE! As enforcing stale-mates is an optional rule, the computer demo-version does not detect stale-mates; however, you're both mature nice, play fair, and have fun!

P.S. If you have your own board and 'stones,' more than two players can play...

Five Stones

(c) 2002-2003 Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM.

P.O. Box 144 Ramsey, IN 47166


(This alternate version uses a 7 x 7 grid)


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