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The Interactive SRD Free Online Tools

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The Interactive SRD
The System Reference Document is full of tons of useful information for d20 game players. Let the 'interactive' version of the SRD make it even more useful to you. Most of the tables and lists will be fitted with a 'generator' allowing you to pick random items or make random decisions based on the contents of the conveniently formatted tables.
The iSRD Bundle Vol 1 is available for sale at  It includes the following sections: Breaking Items 3.0, Equipment I 3.0, Equipment II 3.0, Feats 3.5, Intelligent Items 3.0, Planes 3.5, Psionic Power Formatter 3.0, Psionic Powers List 3.0, Scrolls 3.5, Special Abilities 3.0, Staffs 3.5, Traps 3.5, Treasure 3.0, Treasure 3.5, Wands 3.5 and Wondrous Items 3.0.

These programs require the use of a standards based browser capable of displaying images and running Javascript 1.5 (which must must be turned on).  Please check out the following 3.0 demos if you're not sure.

June 1, 2004
Monsters! The d20 iSRD Bundle Volume 2 Now Available
Dimensions Game Software, creators of the Dungeon Dudes "Not Just Another Virtual Pet", announces that Monsters! The iSRD bundle volume 2 is now available in the software section of 

Not interested in rolling 48d10+594?  Calculating hit points has never been easier.

This bundle features 18 sections of the d20 SRD including monsters (A-Z), Monster Feats, Monsters as Races, and Improving Monsters. Each has convenient .html formatting with javascript enhancements. Use your standard browser controls such as copy, paste, print, etc.

This version of the SRD has been enhanced with the following interactive features:
Hit Point Generator for each monster
Breath Weapon DC calculator for each dragon by type and age
Random Monster Feat Table
Random Creature Improvement Table
Random Monster by CR generator

Spells and Skills! iSRD Bundle Vol 3


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Monsters! iSRD Bundle Vol 2


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The iSRD Bundle Vol 1


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Note: The Following are from the 3.0 SRD

Psionic Powers List

Psionic Power Formatter

Intelligent Items plus Bonus Generator

Breaking Items

Equipment One

Equipment Two

Wondrous Items


Special Abilities


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