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Dimensions Game Software
"Whack-A-<NAME>" Screen Shots
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The Whack-A-<NAME> game can be easily modified to feature the image of any character or item from your games, or even the likeness of your "favorite" in-law.  It's simple and fun to play.  Fans of your games will get a kick out of this one. 
As it is easily customized, this one is a great deal for game publishers.  Not only will you be able to choose 6 images from your products for the players to interact with during gameplay; but you'll also be able to design 6 pop-up adds for the Add Timer to display.  A small, one-time fee buys you the rights to distribute the game as many times as you like for as long as your company exists!
These screenshots are examples of gameplay using simple hand drawn bitmaps.




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