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The Dungeon Dudes

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The Gold Plan $199

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1) Custom Set of 5 Dungeon Dude Characters featuring custom monsters, items, skills, images, and an advertising section from one or more of your products to be hosted at  for one year. Here are two examples of what a custom set looks like:

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7) Compilation of a promotional 'Dungeon Dudes Handbook' to be made available for free download either on your own site, at a site that allows such free downloads, and/or at at your own discretion.

Your welcome kit will include the Dungeon Dudes License, .html for the Dice Pad, the .html for Whack! Dungeon Dudes Edition, a banner you can optionally use to link back to , and a smaller button-sized graphic that you can optionally use to link back to . All you need to do is email your banner (.GIF's are preferred; other formats will be converted) to  and either fax the signed License or email your acceptance of the terms to . The banner will be added to the banner changer within 24-48 hours and will be active for the following 12 months.

The custom set of Dungeon Dude Characters will be created in a timely manner once you choose which of your products it will be based on and provide any appropriate source material needed to come up with a list of items, phrases, monsters, skills, and images. The product will not go online until you approve of its final form. Once online, it will be active for the following 12 months.

Once the custom set of Dungeon Dude Characters is approved, the Handbook will be assembled and made available for download in a timely manner. Once available, it will be active for the following 12 months.

The Dungeon Dudes Network is visited by a growing community of RPG players plus a community of people with related interests enabling you to expose your products to a new, but similar crowd. Your advertisement will be accessible to web surfers with the following types of interests: role-playing games, board games, miniatures games, comic books, computer games, and virtual pets.

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This is a unique way to promote your products, expand your market, and increase repeat visitors to your site. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at .

If you wish to read the Dungeon Dudes License before purchasing an advertisement plan, please email

The agreement is designed to be fair to both parties with the following main points: 1) We are not a legal partnership, 2) The Dungeon Dude code remains the intellectual property of Dimensions Game Software and Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM, and 3) Any banners or other material that you provide remain your intellectual property.