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by New Realms Publishing

The Realms of Althoria product line presents modular adventures, campaign supplements and sourcebooks that can be used independently, linked together, easily inserted into an existing setting, or combined to explore a new world of fantasy adventure. Pick up a Realms of Althoria product and enter new realms of the imagination. The Into the Wilds Dungeon Dudes expansion set is based on Into the Wilds: A Wilderness Adventures Companion and Into the Wilds: Digital Bundle.

The Into the Wilds: A Wilderness Adventures Companion is a d20 sourcebook that includes new rules and tools for wilderness encounters and adventures, for GM's and Players alike. It includes an entirely new skill and feat based ranger variant, new feats, a system for determining encounter direction, distance, and calculating Listen and Spot DC's that work with existing skill rules, and a simple and detailed system for creating wilderness traps. Also included are 7 maps, in color and black and white line format, depicting ruins, caves and dungeons, that GM's can use to design adventure sites ranging from small lairs to extensive cavern and dungeon complexes. If your characters ever step foot into the wilderness, this book will have something for you.

The Into the Wilds: Digital Bundle not only includes the original d20 sourcebook but also the Into the Wilds: A Digital Companion, developed by Dimensions Game Software. The Digital Companion allows you to randomly generate the information for a wilderness encounter, such as direction, range and terrain, input your own information to calculate Listen and Spot DCís, or a combination of both. It also includes generators for randomly creating wilderness traps and selecting the favored enemy and bonus feats for the ranger variant described in the sourcebook. For GMís using the Into the Wilds sourcebook, this set of digital tools will greatly decrease the time needed to calculate the mechanics behind an upcoming wilderness encounter.

Both Into the Wilds: A Wilderness Adventures Companion and Into the Wilds: Digital Bundle are available at RPGNOW.

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