Dungeon Dudes(tm): Devil Bunny Edition

"Not Just Another Virtual Pet"

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Choose to play a Sous-Chef, Devil Bunny Himself, a Hard-Working Candy Machine, or a Destructive Squirrel.

Just click on the picture for the character with which you would like to work.

After you train your character, check out the new Optional Offline Devil Bunny Rules.

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Devil Bunny Hates the Earth

You and your friends are hard-working candy machines in Devil Bunny's factory.

Devil Bunny hates the Earth.

And so he has decided to wreak his revenge upon the Globe by manufacturing a very unsatisfying brand of saltwater taffy.

You must stop him. Even though you are aware that his plan has almost no chance of success.

By luring innocent squirrels into the factory and using them to gum up your own works, you hope to stop Devil Bunny's plan from coming to its unlikely end.

It is a desperate plan, but it seems appropriate given the circumstances.

Game Synopsis: You are a Taffy Machine, represented by a pawn that never moves. The Taffy Factory is a collection of platforms connected by a web of pipes. On your turn, you gain control of the squirrels on a random platform, moving them en masse along any of the pipes and dropping one squirrel on each platform along the way. If you can bring a squirrel to yourself, you score it. Five squirrels is enough to gum up your works and win you the game.

FAQ: Devil Bunny moves like a squirrel. This means he is treated like any other counter. This isn't completely clear in the rules, so we get asked about it a lot. The best strategy to move Devil Bunny really far is to deposit a number of squirrels in his office when you get the chance. This is referred to as "charging the Bunny." Then, when you finally roll a 6, you can get Devil Bunny all the way to an enemy Taffy Machine, or wherever else you want him.

Devil Bunny Needs a Ham

You and your friends are living pleasant and complete lives in Happyville. You are highly trained and well-paid sous-chefs, who have decided to climb to the top of a tall building, as fast as you can.

Devil Bunny Needs a Ham. And he's pretty sure that knocking you off the building will help him get one.

Perhaps he is right. Perhaps he is not.

Game Synopsis: You can play two versions of this game, depending on the number of players you have, and how long you want the game to take. Each player takes either two or three counters, and rolls two or three dice to move. You are scaling the building carefully, hoping that the randomly-jumping Devil Bunny won't knock you too far down when he inevitably lands on you. How do you do this? By always making sure there's someone below to catch you.

Devil Bunny Needs a Ham is a quirky little strategy game that plays surprisingly well, despite its ridiculous trappings. After all, how much of a story do you really expect for two bucks?

Trivia: We sold out of the first printing of Devil Bunny in less than a month. But don't despair. We made more. We're actually considering sending Devil Bunny up for this year's Mensa Brain Games contest, just to see what they think. If they don't just throw him away.

Devil Bunny (c) 1997-2003 James Ernest and Cheapass Games.
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