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The Dungeon Dudes

"Not Just Another Virtual Pet"

Dungeon What??  Dungeon Dudes...Dude.  They are trainable characters, similar to virtual pets, but with role-playing game style advancements.  Tell your Little Red Dragon Dude to explore, train for new skills, practice old skills, eat, or rest.  Accumulate mass quantities of gold and different items.  You can gain the strength to defeat your enemies... er... friends... "Not Just Another Virtual Pet"  The full Basic Set as featured on is coming soon.  This app features only 1 trainable Dude. 

The Little Red Dragon Dude

The little, red dragon dude.  Available on the Apple App Store.  Screenshot from an iPhone 5s

The little, red dragon dude. Available on the Apple App Store. Screenshot from an iPhone 5s

  • You must name your Dude before you can do anything.  Tap on the text field below the image to bring up the keyboard.
  • Explore.  You can find items, defeat monsters, get injured by monsters, find gold pieces (gp), or say random phrases.  If your hit points (hp) go to zero or below then you faint.  If you faint, you lose all of your items and gold.  You must rest to regain hit points before doing anything else.  The text field is scrollable.
  • Practice.  Sometimes you gain experience points (exp) when you practice your existing skills.  As you gain exp, you can gain levels.  As you gain levels, your Max HP (maximum hit points), Attack (Att), and Defense (Def) will all increase.
  • Train.  Train to gain new skills.
  • Rest.  Sometimes you gain hp when you rest.
  • Eat.  Sometimes you gain hp when you eat.
  • Inventory.  Displays your list of items.  The text field is scrollable.  If you faint, you lose all of your items.
  • Skills.  Displays your list of skills.  The text field is scrollable.  Gain new skills by Training.
  • Erase All.  Starts over with a blank Dude.  Irreversible.
  • Your Dude is saved automatically when you quit the App.  If you delete the app, the data is erased.
  • Sometimes your Dude wants to do certain things and won't cooperate until you do that thing.  For instance, you might get told "I'd rather eat" when what you, as the player, want to do is explore.

The Dungeon Dudes Basic Set, coming soon

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