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Dungeon Dudes(tm): Mecha SRD Edition

"Not Just Another Virtual Pet"






Experience Points:
Base Attack:
Base Defense:
Hit Points:
Gold Pieces:Edit

Load/Save Codes


The only way that you can edit your Dungeon Dude is to drop items or skills in order to make room for new ones. Perhaps you don't want to be carrying around a lantern or possess the Strength Skill. You are not allowed to add items or skills, because, well, that just wouldn't be very fair now would it?

Place a 'check' in the box next to the items you want to delete. Click delete and poof, they're gone! Think carefully...



Mecha SRD Extreme

  • Ninety-one page landscape PDF
  • The entire Mecha SRD
  • Six pages of new material
  • An appendix titled "Mecha as Magic Items"
  • New feats
  • New Mecha Defects
  • New Mecha Exotic Abilities
  • A complete Power Suit Mecha
  • A complete Giant Robot Mecha
  • Layout by Philip Reed
  • Artwork by Christopher Shy

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