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Abnormal Character Psychology



Adjustment DisorderThe character has a difficult time adapting to stressul situations.
AgnosiaThe character is unable to recognize common items.
AlcoholismThe character is physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol.
Alzheimer's DiseaseThe character has progressive loss of intellectual and memory functions.
AmnesiaCharacter suffers from memory loss.
Anorexia nervosaThe character suffers from an extremely limited food intake due to a phobia of becoming obese.
Antisocial Personality DisorderComplex personality disorder where the character is impulsive, superficial, and/or irresponsible to varying degrees.
AnxietyThe character suffers from nonspecific apprehension.
AphasiaThe character suffers from an impaired ability to speak and/or understand speech usually resulting from a brain injury.
Attention Deficit DisorderThe character is impulsive, hyperactive, and/or inattentive to varying degrees.
AutismThe character has severe difficulties with communication, social relationships, and/or cognitive development.
Avoidant PersonalityThe character has poor self-esteem and/or withdraws socially to varying degrees.
Bipolar DisorderCharacter suffers from mood swings ranging from mania to depression.
Borderline Personality DisorderThe character's behavior is unpredictable or unstable to varying degrees.
BulimiaThe character eats in uncontrollable binges, often times followed by vomiting.
CompulsionThe character feels the need to act in a manner which is usually repetitive and senseless in order to relieve anxiety.
Conduct DisorderThe character lacks respect for others and/or societal rules in general.
ConfabulationThe character subconsciously creates unlikely stories to fill in gaps in his memory.
Conversion DisorderThe character suffers from impaired motor and sensory function for no discernable reason.
Cyclothymic DisorderThe character suffers from mood swings (less severe than bipolar disorder).
DelusionsThe character strongly believes false things to be true.
DementiaThe character suffers from loss of cognitive functions to varying degrees.
Dependent Personality DisorderThe character suffers from poor self-esteem, are not capable of assuming responsibility for themselves, and/or fear being alone to varying degrees.
DepressionThe character suffers from overwhelming sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, lack of self-esteem, and/or social withdrawal.
Development DisorderThe character has a decreased ability to learn certain things, but does fine with others.
DisorientedThe character suffers from confusion about his identity, location, and/or the current time.
DysthymiaThe character suffers from long-standing yet moderate depression.
EcholaliaThe character automatically repeats the words and/or sounds of other characters.
EncopresisThe character suffers from inappropriate timing of bowel movements.
EnuresisThe character suffers from inappropriate timing or urination.
ExhibitionismThe character exposes himself in public.
Factitious DisorderThe character suffers from physical or psychological behaviors used to gain attention.
Flat AffectThe character is unable to experience normal emtional responses.
Free-Floating AnxietyThe character's feelings of anxiety cannot be associated with a specific source.
Gender Identity DisorderThe character identifies psychologically with the opposite physical gender.
HallucinationThe character suffers from false sensory perceptions; usually visual.
Histrionic PersonalityThe character suffers from inappropriate emotional displays, dependency, and/or self-centeredness to varying degrees.
HypochondriasisThe character suffers from excessive concerns about his own health.
InsomniaThe character suffers from difficulties with either falling asleep and/or staying asleep.
IntellectualizationThe character suppresses emotions and replaces them with intellectual explanations.
KleptomaniaThe character steals items, usually ones that are not needed ot otherwise desired, impulsively.
Korsakoff's syndromeThe character suffers from impaired cognitive functions due to long-term alcoholism.
Learned HelplessnessThe character feels that one has no control over his own life; results from past experiences.
Learning DisabilitiesThe character has difficulty learning math and/or language skills but otherwise functions at a normal intelligence level.
Maladaptive BehaviorThe character's behavior does not meet the the needs of his environment.
MalingeringThe character fakes a disorder for personal gain.
ManiaThe character suffers from abnormally heightened euphoria, poor judgement, and/or impulsiveness.
Narcissistic PersonalityThe character suffers from excessive self-involvement and an abnormally heightened sense of self-worth.
Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderThe character suffers from irrational thoughts and repetitive/ritualistic behaviors.
Overanxious DisorderThe character suffers from performance anxiety and must constantly be reassured.
Panic DisorderThe character suffers from an overwhelming fear that he thinks may end in a heart attack or loss of sanity.
Passive-Aggressive Personality DisorderThe character procrastinates, forgets, or complains in order to indirectly express hostile feelings about a person or situation.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderThe character suffers psychological and/or physical symptoms due to a previous stressful event.
Psychopathic PersonalityThe character suffers from amoral and exploitive behaviors.
Schizoid Personality DisorderThe character is withdrawn, aloof, and uncaring towards other's feelings.
SchizophreniaThe character suffers from bizarre behavior and a distorted view of reality.
Seasonal Affective DisorderThe character becomes depressed in Autumn. The depression lifts in Spring.
Separation Anxiety DisorderThe character is fearful of being away from his family and/or adventuring group.
Social PhobiaThe character is fearful of being social situations.
Somatoform DisorderThe character suffers physical pains or impairments that result from pyschological causes.
TicAn involuntary muscle twitch, often involving the face.
Tourette's SyndromeThe character suffers from tics and/or uncontrollable verbalizations.
Type A PersonalityThe character is aggressive, hostile, and/or has an overdeveloped need to achieve.
Word SaladThe character is prone to fits of incoherent speech; often seen in psychotic characters.

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