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The Interactive SRD - SRD Treasure

(c)2003 Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM

This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.

TABLE: Treasure Values per Encounter

Encounter LevelTreasure per Encounter
1300 gp
2600 gp
3900 gp
41,200 gp
51,600 gp
62,000 gp
72,600 gp
83,400 gp
94,500 gp
105,800 gp
117,500 gp
129,800 gp
1313,000 gp
1417,000 gp
1522,000 gp
1628,000 gp
1736,000 gp
1847,000 gp
1961,000 gp
2080,000 gp

TABLE: Treasure for Levels 1-20

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
15–291d6x1,000 cp91–951 gem72–951 mundane
30–521d8x100 sp96–1001 art96–1001 minor
53–952d8x10 gp
96–1001d4x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
14–231d10x1,000 cp82–951d3 gems50–851 mundane
24–432d10x100 sp96–1001d3 art86–1001 minor
44–954d10x10 gp
96–1002d8x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
12–212d10x1,000 cp78–951d3 gems50–791d3 mundane
22–414d8x100 sp96–1001d3 art80–1001 minor
42–951d4x100 gp
96–1001d10x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
4th01–11— 01–70—01–42—
12–213d10x1,000 cp71–951d4 gems43–621d4 mundane
22–414d12x1,000 sp96–1001d3 art63–1001 minor
42–951d6x100 gp
96–1001d8x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
11–191d4x10,000 cp61–951d4 gems58–671d4 mundane
20–381d6x1,000 sp96–1001d4 art68–1001d3 minor
39–951d8x100 gp
96–1001d10x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
11–181d6x10,000 cp57–921d4 gems55–591d4 mundane
19–371d8x1,000 sp93–1001d4 art60–991d3 minor
38–951d10x100 gp1001 medium
96–1001d12x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
12–181d10x10,000 cp49–881d4 gems52–971d3 minor
19–351d12x1,000 sp89–1001d4 art98–1001 medium
36–932d6x100 gp
94–1003d4x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
11–151d12x10,000 cp46–851d6 gems49–961d4 minor
16–292d6x1,000 sp86–1001d4 art97–1001 medium
30–872d8x100 gp
88–1003d6x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
11–152d6x10,000 cp41–801d8 gems44–911d4 minor
16–292d8x1,000 sp81–1001d4 art92–1001 medium
30–855d4x100 gp
86–1002d12x10 pp

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
11–242d10x1,000 sp36–791d8 gems41–881d4 minor
25–796d4x100 gp80–1001d6 art89–991 medium
80–1005d6x10 pp1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
09–143d10x1,000 sp25–741d10 gems32–841d4 minor
15–754d8x100 gp75–1001d6 art85–981 medium
76–1004d10x10 pp99-1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
09–143d12x1,000 sp18–701d10 gems28–821d6 minor
15–751d4x1,000 gp71–1001d8 art83–971 medium
76–1001d4x100 pp98-1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
09–751d4x1,000 gp12–661d12 gems20–731d6 minor
76–1001d10x100 pp67–1001d10 art74–951 medium
96-1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
09–751d6x1,000 gp12–662d8 gems20–581d6 minor
76–1001d12x100 pp67–1002d6 art59–921 medium
93-1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
04–741d8x1,000 gp10–652d10 gems12–461d10 minor
75–1003d4x100 pp66–1002d8 art47–901 medium
91-1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
04–741d12x1,000 gp08–644d6 gems41–461d10 minor
75–1003d4x100 pp65–1002d10 art47–901d3 medium
91-1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
04–683d4x1,000 gp05–634d8 gems34–831d3 medium
69–1002d10x100 pp64–1003d8 art84–1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
03–653d6x1,000 gp05–543d12 gems25–801d4 medium
66–1005d4x100 pp55–1003d10 art81–1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
03–653d8x1,000 gp04–506d6 gems05–701d4 medium
66–1003d10x100 pp51–1006d6 art71–1001 major

Leveld%–— Coins –—d%Goodsd%Items
03–654d8x1,000 gp03–384d10 gems26–651d4 medium
66–1004d10x100 pp39–1007d6 art66–1001d3 major

For treasures above 20th level, use the 20th-level row and then add a number of random major items.

LevelMagic Items


01–254d4 gp10 gpBanded, eye, or moss agate; azurite; blue quartz; hematite; lapis lazuli; malachite; obsidian; rhodochrosite; tiger eye turquoise; freshwater (irregular) pearl
26–502d4x10 gp50 gpBloodstone; carnelian; chalcedony; chrysoprase; citrine; iolite, jasper; moonstone; onyx; peridot; rock crystal (clear quartz); sard; sardonyx; rose, smoky, or star rose quartz; zircon
51–704d4x10 gp100 gpAmber; amethyst; chrysoberyl; coral; red or brown-green garnet; jade; jet; white, golden, pink, or silver pearl; red spinel, red-brown or deep green spinel; tourmaline
71–902d4x100 gp500 gpAlexandrite; aquamarine; violet garnet; black pearl; deep blue spinel; golden yellow topaz
91–994d4x100 gp1,000 gpEmerald; white, black, or fire opal; blue sapphire; fiery yellow or rich purple corundum; blue or black star sapphire; star ruby
1002d4x1,000 gp5,000 gpClearest bright green emerald; blue-white, canary, pink, brown, or blue diamond; jacinth

TABLE: Art Objects

01–101d10x10 gp55 gpSilver ewer; carved bone or ivory statuette; finely wrought small gold bracelet
11–253d6x10 gp105 gpCloth of gold vestments; black velvet mask with numerous citrines; silver chalice with lapis lazuli gems
26–401d6x100 gp350 gpLarge well-done wool tapestry; brass mug with jade inlays
41–501d10x100 gp550 gpSilver comb with moonstones; silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt
51–602d6x100 gp700 gpCarved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems; solid gold idol (10 lb.)
61–703d6x100 gp1,050 gpGold dragon comb with red garnet eye; gold and topaz bottle stopper cork; ceremonial electrum dagger with a star ruby in the pommel
71–804d6x100 gp1,400 gpEyepatch with mock eye of sapphire and moonstone; fire opal pendant on a fine gold chain; old masterpiece painting
81–855d6x100 gp1,750 gpEmbroidered silk and velvet mantle with numerous moonstones; sapphire pendant on gold chain
86–901d4x1,000 gp2,500 gpEmbroidered and bejeweled glove; jeweled anklet; gold music box
91–951d6x1,000 gp3,500 gpGolden circlet with four aquamarines; a string of small pink pearls (necklace)
96–992d4x1,000 gp5,000 gpJeweled gold crown; jeweled electrum ring
1002d6x1,000 gp7,000 gpGold and ruby ring; gold cup set with emeralds

Table: Mundane Items

d%Mundane Item
01–05Alchemist’s fire (1d4 flasks, 20 gp each)
06–10Acid (2d4 flasks, 10 gp each)
11–12Smokesticks (1d4 sticks, 20 gp each)
13–18Holy water (1d4 flasks, 25 gp each)
19–20Thunderstones (1d4 stones, 30 gp each)
21–22Chain shirt (100 gp)*
23–27Antitoxin (1d4 doses, 50 gp each)
28–29Tanglefoot bag (1d4 bags, 50 gp each)
30–34Masterwork studded leather (175 gp)**
35–39Mighty composite shortbow†
40–43Breastplate (200 gp)*
44–48Banded mail (250 gp)*
49–66xMasterwork common melee weapon (roll on Table 8–12: Common Melee Weapons, page 184)
67–68xMasterwork uncommon weapon (roll on Table 8–13: Uncommon Weapons, page 184)
69–73xMasterwork ranged weapon (roll on Table 8–14: Common Ranged Weapons, page 185)
74–83Mighty composite longbow††
84–93Half-plate (600 gp)*
94–100Full plate (1,500 gp)*

*x Roll d%: 01–10 = Small, 11–100 = Medium-size. (Mundane armor is sized to fit its wearer. Magic armor resizes to its wearer’s size.)
**x Roll d%: 01–50 = Small, 51–100 = Medium-size. (Mundane armor is sized to fit its wearer. Magic armor resizes to its wearer’s size.)
†Roll on Table: Random Mighty Composite Shortbow for bonus.
††Roll on Table: Random Mighty Composite Longbow for bonus.

TABLE: Random Mighty Composite Shortbow

d%Str BonusValue
01–60+1150 gp
61–100+2225 gp

TABLE 7–9: Random Mighty Composite Longbow

d%Str BonusValue
01–45+1200 gp
46–75+2300 gp
76–90+3400 gp
91–00+4500 gp

TABLE: Random Magic Item Generation

01-0401-1001-10Armor and shields
92-10084-10081-100Wondrous items

Random Magic Items

  1. When Table: Treasure indicates a minor, medium, or major magic treasure, you can use Table: Random Magic Item Generation to determine the specific type of magic item.
  2. Refer to the table that corresponds to the type of item indicated in step 1.
  3. Once the item has been determined, roll d% for special qualities:
    • Staffs and Wands: If the item is a wand, a 01-30 result indicates that something (a design, inscription, etc.) provides a clue to its function, and 31-100 indicates no special qualities.
    • Armors, Shields, Rings, Rods, Staffs, and Wondrous Items: If the item is a rod, staff, ring, wondrous item, armor, or shield, a 01 result indicates the item is intelligent, a 02-31 result indicates that something (a design, inscription, etc.) provides a clue to its function, and 32-100 indicates no special qualities.
    • Ranged Weapons: If the item is a ranged weapon, a 01-05 result indicates the item is intelligent, a 06-25 result indicates that something (a design, inscription, etc.) provides a clue to its function, and 26-100 indicates no special qualities.
    • Melee Weapons: If the item is a melee weapon, a 01-20 result indicates that the item sheds light, a 21-25 result indicates that the item is intelligent, 26-35 indicates that the item is both intelligent and sheds light, 36-50 indicates that something (a design, inscription, etc.) provides a clue to its function, and 51-100 indicates no special qualities.
  4. If the item has charges or uses, roll randomly to determine how many charges or uses it has (d% divided by 2, minimum 1).

(c)2003 Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM

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