World Building Worksheets

Political Divisions e.g. Countries

Most Common Government System:
System Has Existed For (Unit of Time):
Current Ruler(s) Have Ruled For (Unit of Time):
Civil Popularity of Government:
General Level of Civil Unrest:
Number of Large Communities:
Number of Medium Communities:
Number of Small Communities:
Tolerance Among Neighboring Communities:
Most Common Community Alignment:
Most Common Type of Economy:
Civil Popularity of Economy:
Miscellaneous Local Terrain:
Organization of Military:
Civil Popularity of Military:
Civilian Law Enforcement Prevalence:
Civil Popularity of Law Enforcement:
Division of Wealth:
Prevalence of Educational System:
Number of Major Religious Groups:
Number of Minor Religious Groups:
Religious Prevalence:
Religious Significance:
Tolerance Among Religious Groups:
Number of Major Language Groups:
Number of Minor Language Groups:
Tolerance Among Language Groups:
Number of Mainstream Political Groups:
Number of Radical Polital Groups:
Tolerance Among Politcal Groups:
Magic/Supernatural/Psychic Prevalence:
Strength of Magic (if applicable):
Community Acceptance of Magic (if applicable):
Number of Months in Calendar:
Name of a Major Holiday:
Holiday Association:
Significance of Holiday:

These free worksheets are meant to be a useful way to help organize your world building data. Either type the information and then print the completed sheet or print blank copies to fill in later by hand. Please consider purchasing World Building Generators: The RPG Toolbox Vol 3 from

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