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BONES: The Customizable Dice RPG by Pipe Dream Games is an RPG for people who love dice. Although, BONES is a full-featured RPG that any fan of the genre can sink their teeth into, its main goal is to put the 'Game' back into Role-Playing Games. It's a goal that I feel it accompishes very well. It was a lot of fun to create this program to help players and game masters manage their dice.

Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM
Dimensions Game Software

Program Features

Meet the Icons

Universal SuccessA success at any action or task - one per character die
Physical SuccessA success at any physical task - only one physical or mental success per character die
Mental SuccessA success at any mental task - only one physical or mental success per character die
Universal HindranceNegates one success
DamageCauses one damage
PoisonHindering symbol - causes one damage
EncumbranceHindering symbol - cancels one magic, maneuver, or stealth success
FlamingHindering symbol - causes one damage
ArtisanFine arts and performing arts skills (R)
ArtisteCounts as two Artisan successes
RenownCounts as either an Artisan success or a Social success
InspiredCounts as an Artisan success or a Magic success if employing art/music in the magic
CraftCraft skills (blacksmith, carpenter, etc.) (R)
DrivenDecreases item creation time by 25% per extra success over base needed (never lower than 25%)
MasterCounts as two Craft successes
WeaponsmithCan craft weapons/armor with either one extra Melee/Missile/Defend or one less Encumbrance per two successes
DefendMelee and Missile defense (U)
EnduranceCounts as a Defend success and negates a single Encumbrance result on an armor or shield equipment die
TurtleCounts as two Defend successes
SlamCounts as either a Defend or a Melee success
HealerHealing skills (R)
MedicCounts as a Healer success and increases the amount of damage healed immediately by one (max 2d)
CureCounts as either a healer success or a Magic success (with respect to healing magics only)
EmpathyCounts as two Healer successes
MagicMagical powers (S)
ManeuverPhysical maneuvers (climb, jump, etc.) (U)
AcrobatCounts as two Maneuver successes
PyramidCounts as a Maneuver success that can be used for another character
SwashbucklerCounts as a Maneuver success and a Defend success
Melee CombatMelee attack or defense (U)
DeflectionCan also be used as Missile defend
Two WeaponUse a second weapon to attack (no shield permitted)
RiposteCounts as two Melee successes - cannot be used to defend
MerchantMercantile skills such as appraisal, haggle, bartering (R)
TraderCounts as two Merchant successes
Money TalksCounts as one Merchant success or one Social success
Merchant PrinceHas one small asset (shop, caravan, etc.) per two Merchant Prince icons
Missile CombatMissile attacks (U)
AccuracyCounts as one Missile success and negates 40% of cover
Bow FuCan be used as Missile or Melee success
Gut ShotCounts as two Missile successes
OutdoorsmanOutdoor skills (R)
Animal FriendCounts as an Outdoorsman success or an independent successful command to animal companion. Character is eligible for an animal companion with 1 beast die + 1 additional beast die per Animal Friend icon he possesses.
StalkerCounts as either an Outdoorsman success or a Stealth success
One w/ForestCounts as either an Outdoorsman success or a Perception success
PerceptionObservation skills (U)
Sharp EyeCounts as two Perception successes
Night VisionCounts as a Perception success and cancels out penalty from partial darkness or 1/2 penalty from total darkness
Sixth SenseCounts as a Perception success and cancels out two opposing Stealth successes
RidingRiding animals (R)
Born to SaddleCounts as two Riding successes
HorsemanCan add successes to mount's rolls
KnightCounts as both a Riding success and a Melee success
SailorSailing skills, swimming, etc. (R)
Son of a SailorCounts as two Sailor successes
Sea LegsCounts as a Sailor success or a Maneuver success
CaptainHas one small vessel (and crew) per two Captain icons (can trade two small vessels for one large vessel) - can be allocated to the crew as a crew success
ScholarKnowledge skills and book learning (R)
SageCounts as two Scholar successes
DoktorCounts as a Scholar success or a Healer success
Arcane KnowledgeCounts as a Scholar success or a Magic success
SocialSocial skills such as diplomacy, persuasion, seduction, etc (U)
OutgoingCounts as two Social successes
BossCounts as a Social success or an independent successful command to lackey. Character is eligible for a lackey with 1 character die + 1 character die per Boxx icon her possesses.
ConnectionsCounts as a Social success or a Scholar success
StealthSneaking around (U)
SneakyCounts as two Stealth successes
GuilderCounts as a Stealth success that can be used for another character
AssassinCan be used as either Stealth success or a Melee success
ThiefLarceny skills - picking locks, disarming traps, disguise, con, etc. (R)
FootpadCounts as a Thief or a Stealth success
BurglarCounts as a Thief or a Maneuver success
Master ThiefCounts as two Thief successes
Unarmed CombatSpecial action - weaponless attacks, missile and melee defense (R)
Crane StyleCounts as both a Melee and a Defend success
Monkey StyleCan be used as a Melee success or a Maneuver success
Tiger StyleCounts as two Melee successes - cannot be used to defend
FlightAllows flight at twice move per die with Flight icon (independent)
Fear CasterActs as a Defend and an independent hindering result to all within 10M
Fire BreathingTarget damaged by attack also gains flaming die
Hoar Frost/FlamingActs as a Defend or as an independent melee attack against all within 3M (unaffected by armor)
IncorporealActs as an independent Defend against all attackers; permits beast to move through obstructions
Poison Melee/BeastTarget damaged by attack also gains Poison die
Poison Missile/BeastTarget damaged by attack aldo gains Poison die
PricklyActs as a Defend and as an independent Melee against all melee attackers
RegeneratesIndependent - heals one die of damage
SwimGives freedom of movement in water - Independent
NullUniversal Hindrance
WeaponEquipment Icon
MeleeEquipment Icon
Double MeleeEquipment Icon
Triple MeleeEquipment Icon
MissileEquipment Icon
Double MissileEquipment Icon
Triple MissileEquipment Icon
ArmorEquipment Icon
DefendEquipment Icon
Double DefendEquipment Icon
Triple DefendEquipment Icon
EncumberEquipment Icon
Double EncumberEquipment Icon
Triple EncumberEquipment Icon
Enc/DefenseEquipment Icon
RacialRacial Icon

(c)2003-2004 Vincent K Raven

Custom BONES Dice Roller
(c)2004 Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM