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Dimensions Game Software is the proud home of THE RPG TOOLBOX (tm)THE STARTING POINTS  (tm) Series of RPG Tools, THE INTERACTIVE SRD (tm), the INTERACTIVE FUDGE series of RPG Tools, and the creator of the  DUNGEON DUDE NETWORK (tm).  These online RPG tools are designed to be as user-friendly as possible: no installation files, no screen ids, no browser plug-ins, no repeatedly pressing the 'refresh' button! 


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Press Releases and Site Updates

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  • 9/28/04 Dungeon Dudes to Evolve Over the Next Year
  • 9/3/04 Custom Dice Roller for BONES RPG Now Available
  • 9/1/04 d20 Random Bestiary Generators Now Available
  • 6/1/04 Monsters! The d20 iSRD Bundle Vol 2 Now Available
  • 5/1/04 Starting Points Series of RPG Tools Volume 1 Now Available
  • 4/1/04 The d20 System Interactive SRD Bundle Vol 1 Now Available
  • 3/20/04 Percentile Chart Generator Now Available
  • 3/1/04 Expanded Online Favorites: The RPG Toolbox Vol 4 Now Available
  • 2/1/04 Random Bestiary Generators Now Available
  • 1/24/04 Free World Building Worksheets
  • 1/19/04 Free Height, Weight, Age Calculator
  • 1/12/04 Random Bestiary Generators: iFudge RPG Edition Coming Soon
  • 12/31/03 World Building Generators Now Available
  • 12/12/03 iSRD Update - 3.5 Feats Now Available
  • 12/5/03 Free Fudge RPG Accessories
  • 11/25/03 iSRD - Planes Now Available
  • 11/22/03 Free Online Fudge Character Creator
  • 11/18/03 Fudge RPG: Interactive Version Now Available
  • 11/12/03 iSRD Update - 3.5 Treasure Now Available
  • 11/10/03 Demo of Background Generator Online Now
  • 11/4/03 Medieval Society Generators: The RPG Toolbox Vol 2 Now Available from RPGNow
  • 10/21/03 Starting Points - Abnormal Character Psychology
  • 10/21/03 Starting Points - Tarot
  • 10/20/03 Interactive Fudge Coming Soon
  • 10/13/03 Preview of Medieval Society Generators: The RPG Toolbox Vol 2 now online
  • 10/6/03 Medieval Society Generators: The RPG Toolbox Vol 2
  • 10/3/03 Dice Pad
  • 10/1/03 The Dungeon Dudes are Here!  Let the Infestation Begin
  • 9/25/03 The Dungeon Dudes Arrive October 1, 2003
  • 9/21/03 Map Pack Now Available
  • 9/17/03 Ambience Generator: The Five Senses
  • 9/13/03 Dungeon Dudes Coming Fall '03
  • 9/5/03 Into the Wilds: Digital Bundle Now Available
  • 9/2/03 Preview of Map Pack and iSRD update
  • 9/2/03 iSRD 3.5 - Psionic Power Formatter
  • 9/1/03 New Forums at
  • 8/24/03 The Automated GM
  • 8/17/03 Freakish Phobias and Mad Manias
  • 8/9/03 Starting Points-Governments
  • 8/1/03 Constellation Map Maker
  • 7/20/03 Starting Points-Geological Time Periods
  • 7/17/03 Intelligent Item Generator added to the RPG Toolbox
  • 7/11/03 iSRD Intelligent Items
  • 7/3/02 Town Map Maker
  • 6/26/03 iSRD Breaking Items
  • 6-20-03 iSRD Equipment Two
  • 6-17-03 d20 Contemporary Adventures Generator
  • 6-13-03 1990 Types of Divination
  • 6-7-03 iSRD Equipment One
  • 5-31-03 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures
  • 5-25-03 Microliths and Steam Engines: Introducing Starting Points - Inventions
  • 5-18-03 iSRD Wondrous Items
  • 5-18-03 Treasure Generator - d20 Wondrous Items
  • 5-18-03 Starting Points - Famous Battles
  • 5-10-03 d20 Treasures Galore
  • 5-3-03 Introducing the Interactive SRD (iSRD)
  • 5-4-03 Star Map Maker
  • 4-25-03 Expeditions and Explorers: Introducing Starting Points - Explorers
  • 4-18-03 Starting Points - Wars
  • 4-18-03 Starting Points - Civilizations
  • 4-18-03 Introducing the Starting Points Series of RPG Tools
  • 4-12-03 d20 Special Effects Generator
  • 4-7-03 Twenty Free Online RPG Tools including: The World Builder, Creature Creator, Roll 'Em, a Custom Dice Roller, d20 Armor Generator, and the Authentic Armor Generator
  • 4-2-03 Introducing the World Builder
  • 3-30-03 New RPG Resources Added: Islands Generator, Forest Path Generator, Weapons Generator
  • 3-22-03 New GM Resources Added: Personality Generator, Treasure Generator - Jewelry, Cryptic Word Generator, Obscure Prophecy Generator
  • 3-15-03 Now Offering Javascript Programs
  • 3-2-03 Welcome to Dimensions Game Software!

Read Complete Text of Updates

If you have a product or service that you would like to promote, a customized computer game is a great advertising tool. Any of the games featured on this site can be personalized for your company.  You can then make the program available for no hassles online play, downloadable from your website, or burn it to CD and distribute it to potential customers.
In addition to creating customizations of the games displayed on this website, special arrangements can be made for the creation of complete, original games or RPG tools designed to your specifications. 

How To Order

For information on having custom designed software written for your company, please email .


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Percentile Chart Preview

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iFudge RPG: Random Bestiary Generators


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World Building Generators: The RPG Toolbox Vol 3


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iFudge RPG: Accessory Pack


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Fudge RPG: Interactive Version


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Medieval Society Generators: The RPG Toolbox Vol 2

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Map Pack: The RPG Toolbox Vol 1


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Into the Wilds: Digital Bundle


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Previous Polls

What system do you play most frequently?

d20 55%, Tristat 1%, Unisystem 0%, Fudge 2%, EABA 0%, GURPS 14%, Other 11%.  Write ins: HERO system, Arcana Unearthed, Werewolf, Dark Ages, Spycraft powered d20, Savage Worlds.

What is your favorite phobia for an RPG character?

hiero- (priests) 7%, pneumato- (spirits) 7%, ailuro- (cats) 14%, terato- (monsters) 11%, auro- (gold) 29%, ocho- (vehicles) 0%, pogono- (beards) 0%, myxo- (slime) 14%, abluto- (bathing) 11%, Other 3%. Write ins: cats
What is your favorite government for an RPG?
29% Theocracy, 17% Autocracy,  17% Technocracy, 11% Other, 5% Democracy, 5% Anarchy, 5% Stratocracy, 5% Pantisocracy, 0% Arithmocracy, 0% Hagiocracy.  Visitor Comments: Monarchy and Aristocracy.
On a Scale of 1-10, how awesome was Gen Con?
11% 10 (The Most Awesome), 23% 9, 11% 8, 5% 7, 5% 6, 11% 5, 29% 1 (Not Awesome at all!).  Visitor Comments: "Not really happy about the whole Gencon organization at the moment.  No Gencon Europe...what a crock of ..."
How excited are you about Dungeons and Dragons 3.5?
33% Extremely, 9% Very, 14% Whatever, 19% Not Very, 19% I Hate It!, 4% Other.  Visitor Comments: If returning to your RPG roots means looking like a tabletop War-game, then 3.5 it is...;  To those that hate it, try it first before you make a decision!
What is your favorite d20 Modern adventure locale?
3% Construction Area, 3% Modern Hotel, 26% Industrial Plant, 11% Warehouse, 3% Wildlife Refuge, 11% Nuclear Submarines, 3% Hospital, 11% University, 11% Nightclub, 11% Other.
What is your favorite dinosaur?
20% Triceratops, 14% Velociraptor, 14% Allosaurus, 12% T-Rex, 11% Quetzalcoatlus, 11% Barney, 11% Other.  Write-ins: Seismosaurus, Pachycephalosaurs, and Spinosaurus.
What is the most important element in 'World Building'?
36% Environment, 26% Government, 15% Religion, 10% Other, 5% Flora, 5% Fauna, 0% Weather, 0% Economy


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